Complete control with powerful flexibility

The iAquaLink app also works with specific products. These connected products with built-in iAquaLink Control lets you enjoy the benefits of pool automation quickly and easily. Just connect the product throughout your home Wi-Fi for instant iAquaLink app control.

Scale Automation to What You Want and Need

With iAquaLink, there’s a solution for every pool owner’s budget and need – from automating a single piece of equipment to automating the entire pool, and for both new and existing pools.

Full connected pool

We offer the best technology for complete pool and spa system control. Simply control all aspects of your backyard experience from lights to water features with the intuitive iAquaLink app.

Connected Robot

Zodiac connected robot features iAquaLink Control for programming, scheduling, and troubleshooting pool cleaning remotely via the app and a smartphone.

Simply connect to home Wi-Fi for access anytime, anywhere.

Connected Pump

With iQPUMP, you get direct control of your Zodiac variable-speed pump such as programming speeds and scheduling. Simply connect to home Wi-Fi for access anytime, anywhere.